For advertisers: how to upload a good logo

Your logo works for your brand recognition. For your logo, you can only use an image that you own rights to.

You cannot use your business card, handouts, photos (even a photo of your product or service), or a picture of a person (even the company owner). You can only use a rendered vector image.

Below you will find some logo requirements.


Do not use images that violate ethical rules or might be offensive.


Make sure the image is free of pixel cascades, graininess, defects or noise.


You should only use graphics, with no textual description or other unnecessary items. In an ad your logo will be displayed together with your company name, so you don’t have to use the name in the logo. If anything, text inside the logo will be hardly readable on mobile screens.

Legal compliance

You must not use images you don’t own. If you use an image or a name of a movie/cartoon character, you must provide the owner’s permission.

Also, if you use someone else’s trademark, you need to have a documented permission.

You can use government symbols only if you have a registered trademark for that.

Depiction of firearms, knives, smoking of any kind (cigarettes, hookah, etc.) are forbidden by the Advertisement Law. Please, use neutral images.