What can 2GIS Navigator do

2GIS Navigator helps to get to your destination by the best route taking the traffic into account.

Navigator can:

  • estimate the travel time;
  • show the exact way and distance to the next maneuver;
  • build a route precisely to the desired building entrance, if a company is specified as a destination point;
  • automatically rebuild the route;
  • warn about the necessary maneuvers using the voice;
  • warn with an audible signal and a message on the screen about the traffic cameras or that you are driving at a very high speed;
  • consider traffic jams, open bridges, blocked streets and driveways;
  • build a route to bypass the toll and unpaved roads;
  • highlight the parking lots when approaching the destination point, call the companies from the navigator mode.
  • turn on a night mode when it’s dark.

Navigator can work without an Internet connection, the connection is only needed to take the current traffic into account when building a route.