What a Business Account is

Business Account is a free website where companies can manage their info, track metrics and buy ads.

If you open a new office, change your operating hours, add a new service or launch a social media community, you can add that information in your Dashboard. We will update the information in 2GIS the next day or we’ll contact you to confirm the details.

You can also change a company name, phone or email, upload a photo or choose your card cover image, see and answer user reviews, mark the entrance to your office and your floor in the building, add a payment method and a link to your website:

Business Account can also show useful statistics: the number of competitors a company has in its category, the quantity of users that open its card, and the specific information in a company’s card that interests users the most. This helps to calculate advertising budgets and choose the channel you should develop — website, social media or phone calls. Also, you can see an estimated amount of ad clicks and request a call from a manager.

To sign up for a Business Account, go to account.2gis.com. You can find FAQs about services and advertising in 2GIS here.