Hotkeys in 2GIS Desktop version

Hotkeys are used for quick selection of the appropriate tool when using the map, as well as to enable certain functions.

Hotkeys and their functions:

  • F1. Help.
  • Ctrl+P. Print.
  • Ctrl+O. Opening other Cities Databases
  • F10. Focus to the active tab on the Ribbon and activate prompts for the quick access keys.
  • ALT. Display prompts for the quick access keys for desired commands. Press and release ALT to activate prompts.
  • ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons on the keypad on the right. Scaling the map.
  • Esc:
    • Cancel the command and close the context menu.
    • Cancel the last point of the Ruler.
    • Cancel the defined area of the Radius.
    • Close a dropdown list (for example, the list of stops).
    • Close the information card of an object.
    • Close the shutdown banner.