How to navigate in a big shopping center

For easy navigation inside the shopping centers as well as hospitals and airports, there is the Floors service in 2GIS — high-quality floor plans with everything inside, starting from the shops and finishing with ATMs, elevators and toilets. You cannot find all shopping centers in "Floors" yet, but we are constantly working to add more.

How to use the "Floors" service

Web version
  1. In the search bar specify the shopping center you need or a specific store in the shopping center.
  2. In the card of a shopping center or a store that appears, click "View on the floors".
  3. Zoom in and out using the "+" and "-" buttons or a mouse.
  4. Move around the floors with the help of the floor bar on the right or use the arrows "up" and "down" at the top and bottom of the screen, respectively.
  5. Rotate the floor plan using the "Rotate" button in the bottom right corner: to rotate clockwise click on the right edge of the button, counterclockwise — on the left one.
  6. To exit the "Floors" mode, click on x in the upper right corner of the map.