Photos help 2GIS users pick the right company or easily find their way around. The key requirement is that a photo must be helpful and provide information about the company or the building. See recommendations below.

  1. You must make the picture yourself and avoid any significant image processing
    Do not upload screenshots of websites or mobile apps, only add original photos you have made yourself. You can apply filters or add a small watermark in the corner. Please do not add frames, stickers or text on your photos as it may affect perception.

  2. Prefer master plans over detailed ones
    Try to capture a picture that can give a general impression of the place.
    Try to shoot the front of the building to make it easier for other users to find it on the map.
    When taking a photo of the company entrance, include the surroundings.
    Try to photograph public transit vehicles from outside.

  3. Avoid a lot of ads on the photo
    Ads, logos or banners must not take up the most of the picture.

  4. Do not upload selfies
    If you want to show off the service received (e.g a haircut), ask someone else to take a picture of you.
    Also, do not upload selfies with the image of a building or a company in the background. Save that for your social media.

  5. Photos should be good looking
    Do not post images with potentially offensive or disgusting content, such as nudity (even if you just want to show underwear you have purchased), sexual products, weapons, pictures of a cemetery or a crematorium, surgery or dental operations, unfinished food, etc.

  6. Do not break any laws
    It is forbidden to post pictures of alcohol drinks with a logo (or in branded packaging), or any images related to drugs.
    You can find the complete policies on 2GIS website, under Legal (for UAE or Cyprus).
    To learn more about using 2GIS photo upload features, read the article “How to add a photo to a company or building card”.
    We look forward to see your pictures!