How to message several companies at once

When you search for goods and services in 2GIS, you can reach out to several companies at once. Send them messages and receive replies right in 2GIS — no need to call around or look through all the websites.

With a single inquire you can specify the availability, conditions of delivery and service, or ask for any additional details. This feature is available for companies from all categories of 2GIS directory. For instance, you can message companies from Car service centers, Beauty, Dental services, Health care, Office appliances repair, Household services, Plastic windows, etc.

You need to first log in to 2GIS to send messages to companies. You can learn more on how to create a profile in 2GIS and what you might need it for here.

You already can send messages to several companies at once at

Web version
  1. Type names of goods or services into the search bar — 2GIS will find all companies of your city that offer what you're looking for.
  2. Click the "Send messages to everyone" button above the search results and look through the list of 10 companies. 2GIS selects companies that are the most relevant to the query and reply to users frequently.
  3. If you wish to view or change the selection of companies that'll receive your message, click "Edit list". You can simultaneously send messages to no more than 15 companies. Tip: 2GIS evaluates the companies' speed of answer, so you can choose the ones that respond faster. That'll save you even more of the search time.
  4. Write down your inquire (please keep it under 4000 characters): describe the goods or services that you're looking for and specify when you would like to get them. That'll help companies to come up with their best offer for you. Send your message and wait for responses.
  5. When the companies reply, you'll receive a notification in your 2GIS profile or an email, if you've specified it in the profile.
  6. If you wish to return to your chats with companies or check for new messages, go to the sidebar menu → Messages.