How to add a company to the 2GIS directory

Reference data about the companies are published in 2GIS for free. Either a representative of the company or any user may inform us about a company which is not listed in 2GIS. In any case we will verify the information and only then place it in the directory.

For representatives of the company

  1. Complete a special form for representatives of companies following the recommendations, and press “Send application”.
  2. Within three working days our specialists will call you to verify the information and then will place your company into the directory. It will appear in a few days in the online version, and will appear in mobile devices in the next month’s release.
  3. To present your company in a more interesting and attractive way, use the advertising opportunities of 2GIS.

For users

Web version

There are several ways to report a new company to 2GIS. The easiest one is by sidebar menu.

  1. Open the sidebar menu by clicking on three lines in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose Add company option.
  3. Type in all the information you know and add at least one piece of contact info so that our specialists would be able to verify the data. If you upload a photo of a company’s sign, it will also help us.
  4. Click Send. Our specialists will verify the information, complete it and add to the directory.