Cannot update the maps in the app

In mobile applications maps are updated automatically in the background when the device is connected to Wi-Fi.

If there is not enough memory to update the maps

The space that is required for map updates is 2-3 times more than the maps will occupy after the update. Try to free the required space, or just reinstall the city map. Your Favourites will be saved.


If the maps were not automatically updated

  1. Make sure your mobile device is connected to Wi-Fi or the mobile Internet.
  2. If you want to update the maps using the mobile Internet, allow to load data over cellular networks in the app settings. Open the side menu → “Settings” → “Update over cellular network”.
  3. Check that you have allowed your phone to update the content (“Settings” → “General” → “Background App Refresh” → 2GIS).

Force updates

  1. Go to the side menu and select “List of cities”. If updates are available, you will see the “Update” button next to the name of the city, click on it.
  2. If you have multiple cities, then in the side menu → “List of cities” you will see the button “Update all”.
  3. If the “Update” button does not respond to tapping, remove and reinstall the city. Companies in the “Favourites” will be saved.
  4. If, when downloading or updating the city, you see the “no Internet connection” message, check in the settings of your mobile device that it is allowed to load 2GIS data over mobile networks. Go to settings of your mobile device, find 2GIS and enable the “Mobile Data” parameter.